How to store tea

In order to preserve the taste, it is important to avoid three main things when storing tea leaves; moisture, air, and light. Here is how to store your favourite tea so that you can enjoy its full flavour right to the end.

Storing it in the refrigerator 
or freezer is a no go.

While many people believe that refrigerators or freezers are suited to storing tea leaves since they are cool and dark, they in fact lead to condensation due to the temperature difference to the outside air. Further, the distinct smell produced by refrigerators and freezers can be transferred to tea leaves. A room temperature location without sunlight is ideal for storage.

Sealed containers 
to prevent oxidation

When air comes into contact with tea leaves it causes it oxidise, compromising the flavour. While sealing tea leaves in a tea can is ideal, if you don't have one to hand then an airtight food storage bag also works.

Estimated shelf life

If stored properly, sealed tea leaves will retain their flavour for about 10 months, while unsealed ones will last for about 10 days.