Varieties of tea

There are many types of green tea, but did you know that they are all made from the same type of tea leaves? Depending on how they are grown or processed, we create teas with a wide range of flavours and fragrances. We recommend knowing the charms of each, and enjoying them in their own appropriate setting.

  • Senncha

    Since the steaming time for this tea is short, it is also referred to as "shallow steamed" or "normal steamed". It is characterised by its pale, translucent colour.

  • Deep steamed tea

    This tea is steamed for two or three times as long as sencha. Since it contains many finer leaves, it has a deeper colour and richer flavour, and is characterised by this deep taste. Most Chiran tea is this "Deep steamed tea".

  • Coarse tea

    A tea made from hardened leaves and stems etc, picked around September. While the large amount of tannins give it a refreshing taste, it has some astringency, and is often used in roasted tea and genmaicha. It is characterised by its small amount of caffeine.

  • Gyokuro

    Tea leaves covered, and cultivated without direct sunlight. By avoiding exposure to direct sunlight, photosynthesis is activated, and the amount of acid which gives an umami flavour (theanine) increases. This tea is characterised by its high level of umami mixed with a low level of bitterness, making it synonymous with luxury tea.

  • Stem tea

    Made solely from stems collected during the tea making process. This tea's main characteristic is its refreshing scent and sweetness.

  • Roasted tea

    A roasted tea, made by roasting coarse tea or sencha at high heat. Characterised by its fragrant scent, and clear yellow colour. Since it is low in caffeine, it is suitable for everyone from children to the elderly, as well as pregnant women.

  • Powdered tea

    Powdered tea sifted out during the tea making process. Notable for its deep colour and umami taste.

  • Genmaicha

    Made by adding brown rice roasted at high pressure to coarse tea or sencha. It combines the refreshing flavour of coarse tea or sencha, with the fragrance of brown rice.

  • Matcha

    Known as "tencha", this tea is manufactured in a unique manner, using stone milling to create a powdered tea.

  • Black tea

    Made by fermenting leaves during the green tea making process. Depending on the level of fermentation, completely different flavours can be achieved, making it an interesting tea.

  • Tea powder

    Powdered sencha. This tea has gained attention as a healthy tea due to its easily absorbable nutrients.